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CBlock Carbohydrate Blocker

CBlock Carbohydrate Blocker

The CBlock Carbohydrate Blocker is the original carb blocker that has assisted low carb dieters for over eight years. CBlock™ contains Trim Plex™, a laboratory tested extract of white kidney bean (phaseolus vularis). Trimplex™ has been shown to effectively partially prevent the body from absorbing starches.

CBlock™ works best with low glycemic index foods, such as pasta, potatoes, breads, pastry, rice, wheat, oats, peas, corn, etc. It can be used as long as you want block starch calories from your diet.

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Our Research on CBlock™ Carb Blocker:

Our online research was conducted over various websites, articles, and blogs, and it suggested that users of CBlock™ have a favorable opinion of this carb blocker. Most of the testimonials we found attributed CBlock™ as the main reason the user experienced weight loss.


CBlock™ Carb Blocker is an effective solution for blocking carbohydrates. Optimal results have been documented when it is used with proper dieting and exercise.

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Product Details

Company Info:

CBlock™ is a product of Absolute Nutrition. Absolute Nutrition is a world leader in manufacturing weight/fat loss supplements. They have gained their nutritional expertise through years of working with professional athletes.

For more information about this company, you can visit the official Absolute Nutrition website or search the Better Business Bureau.

Ingredients & Product Specifications:

Chromium 200 mcg, Trim Plex™ as white kidney bean extract 100 mcg, Vanadium 100 mcg, dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, cellulose gum, vegetable stearic acid, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate, vegetable resin gum.

Take 2 caplets prior to meals. Serving size is 2 tablets, and there is 45 servings per container. Take with 8 oz. glass of water, and do not exceed 6 caplets per day

Retail Price:

$24.50 per bottle of 90 capsules. (discounts available)

Return Policy:

Money-Back Guarantee

CBlock™ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take CBlock if I have a medical condition?

While CBlock has no side effects, we advise anyone who is taking medication or has a medical condition to consult with their doctor.

Do I need to have a special diet while taking CBlock? Is it only for low carb dieters?

You do not have to be on any special diet or plan to use CBlock. Many people on a low carb diet find it restrictive, and CBlock gives them the option to eat the things they enjoy without sabotaging their diet.

Is CBlock safe?

Yes. However, people who have allergies to beans should not use it because Trim Plex is derived from kidney beans. It is normal to experience an increased feeling of fullness due to the passage of undigested starch providing more volume as it passes on through the digestive tract. This increased bulk is beneficial, because it helps to keep you more regular. Drinking plenty of liquids, especially water, helps the process an the more.

Because CBlock does not affect sugars or fats, will I have to cut back eating sweets and high fat foods?

Yes. CBlock only affects complex or starchy carbohydrates.

How long should I continue to use CBlock?

For as long as you want to block starch calories. After you achieve your desired weight, you may prefer to use it only occasionally, particularly with very starchy meals, to help maintain your desired weight.

Official CBlock Carbohydrate Blocker Vendor Website

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