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The Possible Side Effects of Carb Blockers Use

Over the years, there has been a plethora of weight loss pills in the market. There are those which claim to burn fat, decrease calories or block carbohydrates from entering into your system once you consume food. The question is, which of these products really work towards helping you reach your weight loss goals? And when you use a product like carb blockers, for instance, are there any side effects that you need to be aware of? That’s exactly what we will try to find out here.

Side Effects of Carb Blockers Pills

Before enumerating the carb blockers side effects, let us first have a quick look at how these weight loss products work. The most common carb blocker pills in the market work in such a way that their active ingredients prevent carbohydrates from being absorbed and metabolized by the body.

Also known as starch blockers, carb blockers are generally composed of bean and wheat germ extracts such as the one taken from white kidney beans. The beans are said to inhibit a digestive enzyme which breaks down the bread, pasta or potatoes that you consumed. Instead of being absorbed by the body, the carbs pass through the digestive tract for elimination.

Just like any other weight loss product, there are possible side effects that you need to be aware of when taking carb blockers – especially if you use them for a prolonged period. This includes:

Are Carb Blockers Still Worth a Try Despite the Side Effects?
After learning about the possible side effects to taking carb blockers, are they still worth trying? For the most part, it is individuals who need to drastically lose weight who are advised to take carb blocking products. Just take caution against taking the pills for a long time because prolonged exposure might not necessarily be good for your health.

Featured Product

Phase 2™ Dietrine Carb Blocker

Phase 2 Dietrine Carb Blocker

The Dietrine Phase 2 Carb Blocker is a leading solution in assisting your body to reduce and even eliminate the intake of calories from carbohydrates.

How Does It Work?
Phase 2 Dietrine carb blocker, an exclusive, all-natural nutritional ingredient extracted from white kidney beans, helps "neutralize" the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat. Essentially, as part of a healthy diet, it allows the carbohydrates to pass through the system possibly with less caloric intake.

For a complete overview of Phase 2 Dietrine Carb Blocker, including our product rating and customer feedback, go to our Dietrine Carb Blocker Product Report.

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